Which is the best tool to open a wine bottle?

Posted On : 09th Mar, 2021
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Opening a wine bottle correctly is a tricky task. Often, it happens that a wine bottle can fall from the grip of hands while opening. Again, the cork breaks in the middle. For ages, people use many tools to open a wine bottle.

Let’s see the best tools to open a wine bottle:

Wine Key:
It is known as ‘waiter’s corkscrew’. The wine key contains three vital parts that are foil cutter, lever, and worm. A user can remove the foil from wine bottle’s top through a foil cutter that resembles a small knife.

Winged Corkscrew:
It is also known as Cork-extractor, owl corkscrew, butterfly corkscrew, or angel corkscrew. Winged Corkscrew has two levers present on either side of the worm. This corkscrew has a common design including rack and pinion. They join the levers to the body. Makers modify the central shaft’s head for producing a bottle opener. It boosts the tool’s utility.

Twin lever corkscrew:
A twin lever corkscrew is a great tool for opening a wine bottle. This particular corkscrew resembles a little man with extremely long arms.

Lever corkscrew:
Also known as Rabbit corkscrew, it is one of the best wine bottle openers. Users can operate it with a pair of handles to grip the bottle’s neck. It has a lever. One can press it down for twisting the screw into the bottle’s cork. Then, he/she has to lift it for pulling out the cork. The design is bulky. People find it very expensive. It works faster.

This tool focuses on opening wine bottles perfectly. Users can wrap it around the particular bottle’s top. There is a plastic screw that has to turn for cork removal. Teflon coating lowers friction. The Museum of Modern Art has accepted Screwpull as a part of their grand collection.

Electric wine bottle opener:
The latest addition to the wine bottle opener series is the automatic electric wine bottle opener or cork puller. This is so far the most advanced tool to remove a cork finely from a wine bottle. Users can charge it and open approximately 30 bottles. Low maintenance, excellent design, handy and mobile, this is the recent hot cake in the cork remover market.

You will get various types of wine bottle openers on the market. It ranges from a simple tool to an automatic electric USB-charged one. You can buy as per your budget and requirement. If you wish to get the best return on investment, the automatic one can be the last word. The choice is yours.

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