Remarkable use of electric wine opener for the busiest home party

Posted On : 12th Jul, 2021
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Are you planning to throw a grand home party and call all your friends for a beautiful evening? Well, it’s understandable that a nice party with bosom friends are very much necessary after the stressful corona pandemic lockdown situation.


Your party should be smooth without any chaos. So, when it comes to opening a wine bottle, the party’s heart must be careful as often people break the bottle while opening it. Then, again, many times, the cork just doesn’t want to come out correctly, cracking in between or remaining stuck.


Alexander Fleming has wisely and rightly said, “Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy.”


It is obvious you will not want a sparkling wine bottle to break in the middle of the busiest party when everybody is eager to have a sip of the fine drink.


Get an automatic electric wine bottle opener for flawless cork pulling and sealing the bottle if there is any wine left in it.


Why would you do that? Ask us. We will answer you.


Remarkable use of electric wine opener for your busiest house or home party:


Complete rechargeable set:

Firstly, you will get a complete USB rechargeable wine opener set that comes with a USB cable, aerating pourer and a foil cutter. So, you don’t have to use any random kitchen stuff to cut the foil and pour wine. Everything is finely packed in the set.


One recharge goes for long:

Secondly, a rechargeable cork puller can open 30 – 40 bottles in one single charge. That means one-time charging is enough to cover the entire party time and even for the next few days. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a private party with few friends and family, then a single charge is enough for many such occasions.


No fear of shock:

No matter if some of your guests get drunk and still wish to open another bottle of wine by using your attractive automatic electric opener, they won’t get any shock at all. The device is totally shock-proof.


Make a statement:

Opening an ultra-expensive bottle of wine and celebrating your success amidst a hall full of honorable guests is a matter of prestige. But, of course, you won’t want the moments to get soiled by breaking the wine bottle or spilling wine on your attire. Using an electric wine opener will let you make a statement.


Few unavoidable reasons are there:

  • The super stylish look of the device
  • Flawless execution
  • Pulling the cork in style
  • Easy to use – just a press on a button


Carry anywhere and store it at any corner:

The handy device can go anywhere with you in a small pouch. You can store it anyplace, like kitchen drawer, shelf, mini bar at home, etc.


Final takeaway:

An electric wine opener is the choice of modern busy people. People with wrist and nerve issues can use it too, as it doesn’t need any strength like traditional cork pullers. Believe it or not, the automatic cork opener has brightened many parties. So make it your best friend at the next busiest party.

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