Home usage of an electric wine bottle opener

Posted On : 25th Jun, 2021
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Today’s people are busy, and they don’t have time to struggle to open bottles fitted with a cork. So, almost every household keeps a wine bottle opener to do the needful. These openers have come a long way and modified themselves into the latest version of an automatic electric device that’s pretty stylish, handy, and long-lasting. Anyone can get it online for a pocket-friendly amount.


Using an electric wine opener:


It’s extremely easy to use. Just put the device at the top of the wine bottle. Then, press the button. You are done. It will automatically pull up the cork perfectly in fraction of seconds.


Amazing benefits:


    • Can open any bottle with a cork:


In most households, the kitchen remains stocked with juice bottles, flavored soda drinks, non- alcoholic grape juice bottle, etc. Many of these bottles are fitted with a cork, just like a wine bottle. The process of opening them is the same. So, you can use an electric wine bottle cork puller to open other bottles too.


    • A technology that you can trust:


After extensive research and development, manufacturers have come up with this wonderful lightweight gadget that can be the wine lovers’ favorite. The technology is so advanced that the gadget has become a dependable solution for most people who waste wine or champagne due to
the wrong opening process. Besides, the device is shock-proof, needs minimal maintenance, and remains good-looking and well working for many years.


    • Safest and time saving:


An electric wine opener removes cork at a fast speed, almost within few seconds. A traditional manual corkscrew can’t do it. A single charge is enough to open approximately 30 bottles. Moreover, users won’t get hurt while using it because the sharp portion of the device is located inside, covered by superior quality stainless steel. Plus, it doesn’t require strength to pull a cork as it is automatic. People with nerve issues, joint pain, and hand problems can comfortably use it.


    • Easy cleaning:


Homemakers will bless an automatic electric cork opener. They don’t need to rub and wash it as a smooth swipe with a dry towel is enough to clean it. Moms can focus on their children instead of wasting time cleaning a wine opener after a house party.




If you are still wondering whether to purchase an electric wine bottle opener or not, then order it and get it. Reputed companies provide a foil cutter with the set. So, you can open a sealed bottle in seconds with a smile and enjoy your drink.



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