Don’t waste your money on expensive wine stopper – make some at home

Posted On : 30th Nov, 2021
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Thousands of attractive wine stoppers are available at online and offline stores. But, the more decorative it is, the higher the price is. Wine stoppers are an integral part of wine enthusiasts’ life. They love to enjoy wine and store the remaining. But, what if there is no wine stopper at home.

Considering these factors blended with the knack for creating beautiful crafts, we have brought some exclusive DIY wine bottle stopper ideas both for home and for gifting.

1] Antler Wine Stopper:
Antler Wine Stopper

                            [Image credit:]

You need:

  • Oven-bake clay
  • Wine cork
  • Brad nail
  • Color
  • Adhesive

How to make it?

The oven-bake clay is going to take the shape of the antler by sculpting as the topper. Secure the topper with the brad nail. Here, the brad nail acts as a pushpin and secures the  topper. Now, use your hands and give desired shape to the clay.

Do the same with another piece of clay.

While baking, make sure that the cork is not going into the oven. Only the clay and the nail should go into the oven. Use another brad nail to secure two antlers. The temperature for baking should be 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the antlers for 30 minutes. Before painting the antlers with your favorite color, let them cool. Apply a bit of adhesive at the cork’s top. Push the brad nail in for attaching the antlers to the cork tightly.


2] Original cork can be the ideal wine stopper:

Original Cork

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You need:

  • Wine bottle cork

How to make it?

After opening the wine bottle, keep the cork in the freezer. Do it right after removing it from the bottle. The cork gets contracted in the cold temperature. It becomes easy to slip it back into the mouth and neck of the bottle.

This wine stopper DIY stopper needs no extra money. The original cork acts as the stopper.

However, the process is not that easy as it seems to be. The cork can get expanded too much after coming out of the bottle. So, even after freezing it, it can never get contracted to a size that can get inside the mouth of the bottle. Again, you can break the cork while removing it from the bottle.

Here are some exclusive ideas to make the original cork work seamlessly.

Get hold of a wax paper. Wrap the cork’s below with it. It helps in lubricating the cork. It allows the cork to slide back into the bottle’s mouth. Besides, the wax paper let you collect the pieces of cork that came off separately.

Ensure to apply constant and even pressure while putting the cork back in its place. Never push extremely hard. Instead, twist the cork I a slow and steady manner and press it.

3] Aluminum foil as DIY wine bottle stopper :

foil papers

                                [Image credit:]


You need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Rubber band

How to make it?

Aluminum foil is a fantastic option to seal a wine bottle. It acts as a great inexpensive wine bottle stopper. However, it may not make the seal airtight, and you need to wrap a good quality rubber band on the foil to seal the bottle tightly.


4] Wood burned wine stopper DIY :
Wood Burned Wine Stopper                             [
Image Credit:]

You will enjoy a faint aroma that gives the feel of a bonfire. It can be a perfect Christmas gift.

You need:

  • Wood block
  • Knob
  • Wood finish
  • Glue
  • Wood burning tool
  • Pencil

How to make it?

Firstly, draw a design on the knob and the wooden block.

You can draw freehand or use a ruler. Draw lightly so that you can erase the extra drawing after the completion of the craft. Now, outline the drawn lines with the wood burner (heated). Fill the design that you want to make bold. Use the tool’s edge for the purpose. Move it slowly as you won’t be able to erase any mistake.

Now, apply oil or wood stain for finishing the knob or the burned block. Seal the wood for increasing the durability.

5] Holiday Toppers to make DIY Wine Bottle Stopper :
Holiday Toppers                      [Image Credit:]


You need:

  • Wine corks
  • Good quality hot glue gun
  • Holiday toppers (visit a craft store and buy cute toppers)
  • Ribbon
  • Washi tape

How to make it?

Firstly, plug in the glue gun and let it warm up. Then, take the holiday topper and put some glue on the base of it. Stick it to the cork’s end. Press it atleast for 30 seconds. Now, you can add ribbons or washi tape for further decoration. Your holiday wine stopper DIY is ready to us. Be careful while sliding it in the wine bottle opening.


There are thousands of DIY wine stopper ideas. We have presented the easiest ones. However, you can try more options as per your creativity. Kindly make sure to make the above suggested ones for this Christmas.

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