Does a bar need an automatic wine bottle opener?

Posted On : 04th Feb, 2021
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A bar is a place where people visit to chill out, relax, have few drinks, and enjoy. Modern bars offer entertainment of a complete satisfactory level. Apart from alcoholic beverages, a bar has dancers, bartenders, singers, comedians, and other entertainers who keep on boosting the guests’ mood while the latter enjoy their drinks and snacks.

Every bar has its own specific specialty. Some have restaurants attached with bar, while some have a dance floor. But no bar can do with one thing.

That is an Automatic Electric wine bottle opener.

Gathering the reasons why every bar must have an electric bottle opener:

A bar remains busy

During peak hours, bars remain very busy with lots of customers. Usually, everyone orders their drink more than once. It is irritating to wait for long just to get the favorite beverage. If the reason for waiting relates to the improper way of opening a wine bottle, then it’s too bad. Hence, there should be a cork opener at every bar counter.

Wastage of wine

Accidents can happen anytime. Even a pro bartender can break a bottle or it can slip from his/her hand. Again, if the cork breaks while opening a wine bottle, then it will be a massacre. It’s better to take the help of a technologically advanced gadget that is meant for opening a bottle.

Appearance matters

In every aspect, appearance or presentation matters a lot. A stylish electric wine opener can effortlessly boost the looks of the entire bar counter. Besides, a uniformed bartender pulling out cork smoothly with an electric opener is a thing to behold. Good looks can create a positive impression on the minds of customers.

Amateurs can use it with ease

An automatic cork puller is easy to use. Even a common person who wants to open a wine bottle by himself/herself can use it. Many times, people throw a birthday party or others in a bar. On these occasions, usually, guests wish to open a bottle of wine and cheer. But, the fastened cork is not easy to pull out. With the help of an electric unfastener, anyone can detach the cork from a bottle.

Single charge many use

A bar is a professional place where many people come to enjoy a couple of drinks. A good electric opener for wine bottles can open around thirty to forty bottles at a go with a single charge. In fact, if someone is throwing a party, the bartenders can open multiple bottles to serve all the guests simultaneously.

Easy to carry

Today’s bars and restaurants do event management too. They take care of people in events taking place outside. These bars and restaurants handle the management. So, it is important to carry high-tech devices for avoiding any mishap. Automatic alcohol bottle openers are very handy. One can put it in a small pouch and go anywhere. So, even if a party is happening in an open area under the sky, there will be no dearth of sparkling wine.

The hassle-free perfect solution

The device is battery powered and cordless. Hence, it is free of hassles and any kind of disorder. Simple, attractive, and mess-free application ensures perfect cork detaching. Plus, old people having joint problems and weak fingers can easily press a button and pluck the cork. So, this bottle opener cum foil cutter is a one-stop solution for wine lovers.

Best for both home and big bars

This little but powerful gadget is suitable for both home and commercial bar use. It is stylish, robust, and long-lasting. It can easily glide into the kitchen drawer. This indicates that the appliance is so handy and people can store in anywhere. Investing in such a device can give the best return for sure.

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