Automatic Wine Opener with it’s best features

Posted On : 25th Jul, 2021
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An automatic wine opener works fine like any high standard electric wine bottle opener. You have to place the opener on the neck of the wine bottle and then press the button. Hold the opener firmly along with the bottle while removing the cork. Press again for releasing the cork after it is out.


An electric wine bottle opener can open approximately 30 bottles with a single charge.


Characteristic traits you will get in all standard automatic wine bottle openers:

  • These openers have a simple push-button operation system.
  • Just pressing the lower button to remove the cork and pressing the upper button to release the cork is enough to ideally open a wine bottle.
  • You will get a foil cutter with the opener. It can remove seals that cover the corks. Also, it acts as a dock for the wine opener.
  • A vacuum stopper comes within the package. It is small and handy. The vacuum stopper helps remove air from the wine bottle and keep the wine fresh and tasting new for at least up to a week. It works fine for red, white, and purple wines.
  • Most of the wine openers get their power supplied by 4 X AA battery.


Let’s dig out the extraordinary features:

Humanized design:

An electric wine bottle opener has an exquisite ergonomic design that matches the international standard.

Stunning colors:

You will get high-finished colors like black, steel, red, etc., that won’t scratch or come out.

Guide wheel:

With fast speed and considerable opening power, the guide wheel’s two side drill saves power consumption, labor, and time.

Beautiful package:

The packaging is so attractive that you can gift it to someone special.

Safety system:

It has a built-in drill bit which is fully separated from the outside. Hence, there is no chance of scratching.

Average size and weight:

Most of the automatic wine openers are 23.5*4.5*4.5cm/9.25*1.77*1.77in approximately and weigh around 242g.


Note: You will get automatic wine bottle openers that come with rechargeable and removable batteries. Here, the opener itself acts as a charging unit. So, you don’t need any separate charger for charging batteries. Now, a fully-charged device can continuously work for 4 to 6 hours.


An automatic wine opener set is readily available online. You will get an array of companies selling these advanced devices online. For instance,,, etc., are the sources you can try. This superb utility product is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, ad promotion, public relations planning, festivals, trade fairs, house party, employee welfare events, opening ceremonies, business gifts, award functions, and so on. Restaurant bar or home, use it anywhere.

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