10 outstanding ways electric wine bottle opener help during holidays

Posted On : 11th Jan, 2021
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It is very frustrating if a wine bottle refuse to open perfectly amidst a gathering. Holiday season is going on and without fine wine, a party remains incomplete. In fact, if anyone wants to enjoy wine in home and the cork doesn’t come out properly, it becomes irritating.

Gone are those days, when corkscrew is the only way to open a bottle with cork. Plus, it takes a lot of time and effort. Electric wine bottle opener is the new blessing of technology. One can put the opener at the bottle’s top and press the button. The cork will be out immediately.
Ways an electric opener can help in holiday season:

The new-age wine opener of pure stainless steel is extremely long lasting. These kinds of openers don’t catch rust. Users don’t need to forcefully open the bottle cork.

Here are the 10 outstanding ways an electric bottle opener can help:

The electric device is rechargeable:
Users don’t have to spend money on buying batteries. These devices are rechargeable and one full recharge can go a long way opening many cork-fitted glass bottles. Again, the handy gadget is super easy to recharge.

Battery-led wine openers are power saver:
Advanced wine or other cork- fitted bottle openers come in both electric and battery version. The electric ones need power outlet to recharge. Whereas, the battery ones don’t require any outlet and changing of battery is enough to make them work fine. These cork openers are ideal for outdoor. People can carry them in picnic, festival or anywhere and boost the holiday mood.

Again, a fully charged electric device can work for multiple hours covering a whole occasion and beyond error-free.

The cork uprooter is fast and effective:
A user can remove the cork from a bottle in a jiffy. One time charge can help uprooting approximately 30 corks. A push button is usually present on all types of electric uprooters. The person handling the gadget needs to push it lightly for removing the cork.

Cleaning the bottle opener is fuss-free:
Rubbing with a dry towel or clean tissue paper is enough for removing any stain or liquid from the device. The high quality materials and the top coat on the uprooter prevent it from catching any stain easily.

Very safe for using:
Safety is the optimum priority in case of any electric or battery influenced device. There is no chance of the wine bottle cork unfastener to harm a user as the sharp portion exists inside it. Plus, a surface made of stainless steel is present for full proof protection. Additionally, the little machine is shock proof.

Anyone can use it with complete ease:
The bottle unfastener is very convenient to use. There are usage instructions for people who will use it. Usually, the two required activities are pull and push. Any individual irrespective of age can operate it to open any bottle fitted with a cork.

The tool is handy:
There is absolutely zero problem in carrying it anywhere. This kind of tool is ideal for any wine testing event. People get a foil cutter along with the tool that helps in detaching the foil that seals a bottle. An individual doesn’t have to apply any force to operate the particular hi-tech appliance.

Ideal bottle cork unfastener for elders:
Usually, senior citizens don’t have the strength like young or middle aged adults. Many elderly people suffer from joint pain and lack of strength in wrists. They can invest in electric cork remover to enjoy sparkling wine anytime. Holiday is for everyone. No one must suffer just because they can’t open a wine bottle as the cork is fitted too tightly. The technologically updated tool has made it convenient for people with wrist problems to open a bottle with a pop.

Incredibly appealing design is hard to ignore:
No modern day human can ignore the super stylish design of electric cork uprooter cum seal opener. The appliance is slim, a few inches long, very handy and looks uprightly appealing. The plus factor comes with its light weight. Men can put it in their pocket while women and others can keep it safely in little bag.

Durability is unmatchable:
Another reason to invest in an electric wine bottle opening device it its durability. Usually, it has a combination of stainless steel and superior quality plastic. Hence, the device is supremely long lasting and needs minimal maintenance. One can have the best return on investment and enjoy holidays year after year with one single opener.

In a nutshell:
The present and coming holidays will be full of cheerful events. It is because the ultra-modern automatic wine bottle cork detacher will make it simple for everyone. People can enjoy a glass of wine anywhere and anytime, indoor or outdoor without struggling to unfix the cork. One single piece of handy device will go smooth for many years.

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